Disposable face masks are one of the most useful products to keep your skin free from harmful chemicals, allergens, irritants and sweat. Face masks are usually used for allergy sufferers or individuals who suffer from psoriasis and other skin conditions that require them to wear protective masks to keep their skin free of sweat and dirt. These disposable units are made of disposable foam, plastic or latex and they are designed in such a way as to cover your entire face from nose to chin.


This makes it easy for you to place them on your nose and chin without any difficulty. The disposable face masks come with adjustable straps or buckles that make it easy for you to get your head into the right position. They are available in different sizes and shapes depending on the shape of your nose.


In addition to using disposable face masks to keep your skin clean, they can also be used to prevent dust and dirt from entering your nasal cavities. Most of these masks are made of plastic which can easily breathe. However, the best kind are made of cloth. If you are allergic to certain substances and you tend to get nasal blockages, you can use cotton as an alternative to plastic material. There are quite a number of cloth options available in the market today and you can use these according to your needs and your environment.