Custom Embroidery Workwear: A Complete Guide

Custom Embroidery Workwear: A Complete Guide

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Employee workwear can make or break a business. The right workwear can help your team look professional whilst feeling safe and comfortable all day. Several choices for employee apparel are now available. However, nothing beats the benefits and aesthetics of custom embroidery workwear.

In this blog, we talk about custom embroidery for uniforms, its types, and its benefits for your business.

Selecting the Right Workwear

Before you add embroidery or screen printing to staff garments, the first thing to do is choose the best type of workwear. It can be a daunting prospect, whether you're new or a seasoned pro on this task. They say, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail," so doing your homework before approaching any supplier is crucial.

Consider all angles, from your budget to your employees' requirements. Don't forget to determine their preferences since their comfort can significantly impact their work performance. Factor in their roles, which can help figure out the required functionality. For example, some jobs need extra durable uniforms, while others prioritise clothing that does not restrict movement.

Finally, think about the workwear volume you need. How many shirts and pants does your team require? Garment lifecycles, as well as new employees and leavers, will come into play. Considering these things, the next step is to go bespoke with personalised embroidered workwear.

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What is Custom Embroidery Workwear?

Custom embroidery workwear is any work apparel personalised with embroidery. It can consist of the logo, brand name, and employee's name, among many details. This customisation technique is excellent for promoting your business.

The beauty of embroidery lies in its versatility, as it can be applied to all types of uniforms and professional corporate clothing. This multi-functionality allows your team to wear it in and outside the workplace, boosting your brand's visibility and awareness. It's one of the best ways to turn your team into a walking advertisement without breaking the bank.

Custom Embroidery Workwear Options

Embroidery has been around for a long time. Evidence of its existence dates back to the 5th century BCE in countries like Egypt, India, and China. Although it remains a widespread practice in customising clothing, certain embroidery techniques have advanced, especially with the help of technology.

There are two main ways to embroider garments: by hand and by a specialised embroidery machine.

1. Hand Embroidery: As the name implies, this decorative stitching technique utilises a thread and needle to create patterns and designs without machinery. Backstitch, chain stitch, and the French knot are widely known embroidery stitches achieved by hand.

2. Machine Embroidery: This method is preferred today for workwear customisation. It's speedier and offers consistent and precise stitching compared to hand embroidery. The machine is programmed to create or stitch the pattern onto the fabric by replicating a pre-programmed digital file.

There are a number of techniques for machine and hand embroidery services. Some of them use both, including screen printing. It is a two-step process that begins with the ink pressed through a stencil to create the base layer on the fabric. Then, the embroidery machine will stitch additional details using a thread and needle.

Other methods that can either be done by hand or with the use of a specialised embroidery machine are:

Puff: This embroidery technique adds texture and depth to the design. Before stitching, a layer of foam cut to the desired shape is placed on the surface. The embroidery stitches are then applied to the cut foam. After stitching, the foam is removed, creating a raised 3D effect.

3D Bubble: This technique is often compared to puff embroidery. While similar, the difference is that a 3D bubble is created by stitching over the layer of foam (or another material) under the fabric. The result is more dramatic and sculptural compared to puff embroidery.

Flat: This versatile technique, also known as surface embroidery, has stitches applied directly onto the fabric's surface. No extra padding, foam, or any other material is added. The result is a 2D flat design.

Word: Also called lettering embroidery, this type involves stitching letters or words onto the fabric.

Fabric: It is a process of decorating fabric with various designs, patterns, and stitches using thread and needles. The design is usually first drawn on the material using a pencil, lightbox, or transfer paper. The fabric will then be secured using an embroidery hoop to make sure it is taut before the embroidery stitches are applied.

Each technique can use different embroidery materials, including:

Embroidery Floss: This thread type is designed specifically for needlework projects, including embroidery. The floss is usually made from cotton but can also use rayon and silk.

Metallic: Brand logos designed with a metallic thread are eye-catching. They have a shiny and metallic appearance as the thread is made from aluminium, copper, or silver blended with nylon, polyester, and other fibres. This combination makes the thread stronger and more durable.

Neon: For bright and fluorescent colours, pick a neon thread for your company name or logo. It offers a more vibrant and fun look but can require multiple layers of thread as it can be less visible in some fabrics.

Benefits of Workwear Embroidery

Almost all workwear clothing, such as polo shirts, overalls, jackets, and pants, can have embroidered logos. Here are the reasons why you should have custom embroidery workwear for your team:

1. Increased Brand Recognition: Workwear embroidery helps promote branding by having the company's logo, name, and other branding information on staff uniforms.

2. Professional Appearance: Creating a professional image is easier with embroidered workwear. It generates cohesion and unity, which are important in building a positive image for the business. We highly recommend that you have custom embroidery workwear, especially if you have a client-facing team.

3. Colourful: Various styles and colours are available using multiple thread colours. You can use metallic or bright neon threads to make your branding stand out.

4. Durability and Longevity: With proper care, embroidery can last the lifetime of the clothing. Unlike printed garments, embroidery can handle the rigours of daily use and washing.

5. Customisability: You can embroider anything, from huge to small logos and long or short company statements.

Ordering and Delivery

Ordering your custom embroidery workwear is simple with Flash Uniforms. Send us a vector image of your design, and we'll take it from there. We also offer graphic design services if you don't have a particular logo in mind or want to modify some aspects of your existing artwork.

Contact us and get a quote (valid for 30 days). Shop today and get your uniform with a quick turnaround time. There's no minimum order, so whether you're ordering one or more items, our expert team will gladly embroider your workwear for you.