Easy Ways to Wash & Care for Embroidered Workwear Clothing

Easy Ways to Wash & Care for Embroidered Workwear Clothing

In this article, we share information concerning how to wash and care for embroidered Workwear to boost longevity and ensure your precious embroidery continues to look stunning as the first day it was implanted onto the clothing. Embroidery is an artwork that can turn a regular garment into an extraordinary one. Among the most popular items, you can embroider onto your clothing include but are not limited to images of cute animals, flowers, or colorful patterns.

First at foremost, let’s have a look at cleaning your embroidered workwear clothing. Before you create embroidery on your clothes, you need to keep the following in mind to make sure your garment will be safe when you wash it.

  • Use good quality embroidery floss or thread: You want to make sure you use colorfast thread only because it will not fade or lose its shine during washing, making it ideal for workwear embroidery or uniforms embroidery.
  • Apply embroidery stabilizer or backing: By applying an iron-on embroider stabilizer on your cloth, you ensure that stitches don’t come loose. The stabilizer reduces the friction during ironing and washing.
  • Knot all stitches on your cloth: Because stitches tend to be highly susceptible to movement and friction during washing, knotting is a great way of preventing falling out or unraveling.
  • Hand washes your embroidery: Allow it to settle in soapy water for around 20 minutes and then wash by hand. If there are dirty patches on your cloth, try rubbing them but avoid rubbing directly against your embroidery.
  • When using a washer: If you have a large amount of embroidered workwear clothing, washing by hand may not be a good idea. But if you decide to use a washing machine, there are a few tips you can use to prevent your beautiful creations from getting damaged by the machine. First, ensure you turn the embroidered workwear clothing inside out so that only the back of the garment’s embroidery comes into contact with the machine. Second, put the clothing inside a laundry bag and then put it in the machine. Last, leave the embroidered cloth to air dry.
  • Ironing embroidered workwear garment: if you want to iron your garment, avoid ironing directly onto the front of the embroidery and instead, focus on the backside. In fact, you should consider putting another fabric onto the embroidered area when ironing.

Using washing machine

Embroidered workwear garments are usually very delicate and thus washing them using a machine is not recommended. Doing so may lead to the stitches unraveling after repeated washing and may fade quickly.

But this does not mean you can't wash your embroidered workwear garments using a washing machine. Sometimes you may have no choice but to use the machine. In case you find yourself in this situation, I recommend exercising extra care to preserve the strength and beauty of your embroidered workwear garments.

It is advised not to wash your clothes more often using a washing machine to increase the lifespan of the embroidered area. Using the machine on a few occasions will not harm your workwear, but doing it regularly will.

Here are some simple steps you can use to wash your embroidered workwear clothing the safe way.

Step #1: Use a soft brush to rub any food debris or dirt out of your embroidered uniforms.

Step #2: Read the label on your cloth and follow the care guidelines to the letter.

Step #3: Turn your embroidered workwear clothing inside out and make sure the back area of the embroidered part is visible.

Step #4: Place the cloth inside a laundry bag and put them in the machine.

Step #5: Set the washing machine to a delicate setting

Step #6: Fill the machine with cold water, ensuring the maximum temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.

Step #7: Remove your embroidered workwear clothing from the machine after the wash cycle.

Useful tips when using a washing machine to clean your embroidered workwear clothing

  • Don't leave your clothes soaking in the washer or a pile when still wet.
  • Never use your spin dryer at the end of the wash cycle
  • Don't scrub embroidered garments due to how delicate they are
  • Check the base fabric material of the garment before putting it in the washing machine. Materials such as cotton, nylon, and polyester are stronger and can cope well with a washing machine.
  • If you are dealing with wool or silk, avoid washing the clothes in the washing machine completely.
  • Avoid washing your embroidered garments with other clothes, especially garments with snaps, studs, or zippers.
  • Don’t use chlorine bleach because of its harsh nature
  • Do not wash your embroidered clothes with other colored clothes because their colors might leech into your embroidered workwear clothing.

Drying is as much an important part of caring for your embroidered workwear as washing. You should always remove your embroidered workwear clothing from the washing machines immediately the washing cycle ends and start drying them.

Here are simple steps in drying your embroidered workwear:

Step #1: Once you remove your embroidered workwear from the washer, gently squeeze them to remove excess water. Doing it gently will not damage the delicate stitches.

Step #2: Lay your embroidered workwear in between two clean and dry towels

Step #3: Stroke the towel on top gently to remove excessive moisture

Step #4: Prepare some more dry towels to replace the ones that become too wet.

Note that you shouldn’t dry your embroidered workwear clothing on a clothesline or use a spin dryer to dry them. Air drying is the best way of drying your embroidered workwear clothes.