In the recent times, there is a growing demand of Flame resistant clothing for workers and other people who are engaged in safety work. Flame resistant clothing helps to prevent and reduce fire hazard in the workplace and this includes work safety clothing such as safety clothing designed for fire-resistant and flame resistant work wear. These are also referred to as safety work wear, flame resistant work clothing, fire resistant work wear, fire retardant work clothes etc HRC-1 HRC-2.


The safety work clothes are designed to keep the human body safe from all types of harm caused by heat, fire and smoke. It is important to note that all kinds of clothing worn for work purposes must be flame resistant and fire retardant. It is also important that the safety work clothes must be worn in combination with safety work gloves. The safety work gloves include safety gloves, fire gloves and safety gloves for industrial work wear. The safety work gloves ensure protection from the contact of the work clothes with hot surfaces and the fire resistant work clothes include flame resistant and fire retardant clothes, which are used to prevent the damage caused to the human body by heat, fire and smoke. The fire resistant and flame retardant clothes are available in the market in different sizes and colors