A medical coat, or lab coat, is usually a long knee-length overshirt/smock usually worn by those in the medical industry or by those participating in laboratory work. Many nurses wear medical coats to look professional and keep their patients safe. It is also good for those who are not trained for lab work but want to get an edge on their co-workers. There are other types of coats that are also worn in this capacity. A white coat is usually the most common and popular medical coat.


There are several types of medical coats that are available for purchase. The traditional white coat is one of the most popular colors available, but it can be purchased in many other colors as well. One of the main reasons that people purchase these coats is for its comfort. It is very important to choose a coat that is comfortable enough for you to wear, and that also doesn't impede your movement when you need it the most. Medical coats are usually made of thick, durable material to protect the body while also making sure that it is comfortable to wear. They often have collars to hold on to while you are wearing the coat as well. You may even find that they come with Velcro straps or buttons on them for you to keep them in place as you go about your day.


The design and style of a medical coat can vary greatly as well. These coats can be designed with any kind of pattern that the medical practitioner wants, or even customized to include a name or initials. Some doctors even prefer to wear their medical coats with an embroidered patch. Other doctors opt to have a small logo added to the coat as well. Whatever color that you would like, you will be able to find a medical coat that suits you perfectly.