A nurse uniform is clothing worn by nurses in order to identify and protect them from potential harm. The most common nurse uniform has been worn for centuries by nurses in hospitals and other medical facilities around the world. In the U.S. it is often referred to as a scrub uniform. In the past, the uniforms were blue with a white band around the neck that read nurse on one side and a surgeon on the other. Today the uniforms are often white with an open collar or with the top button closed. They are usually made from a light cotton fabric like cotton or polyester blend. The classic nurse uniform consists of an apron, a nursing skirt and a cap.


There are several popular styles of uniforms available today. These include the nursing scrub uniform, the nurse apron, the long sleeve nurse apron and the long sleeved nurse apron. Each of these uniforms is made in varying fabrics and styles. However, one of the most popular styles of nursing uniforms is the nurse apron. This uniform type is designed to be comfortable and stylish. They can either be white with open collars or the color is printed on the apron in white, blue or any other color. Some nurses wear their nurse apron with a nurse badge or name tag on the apron.


The nurse uniforms are made from many different fabrics. The most common fabric for nurse uniforms are cotton and nylon blends. There are also many colors and designs of nurse uniforms available today. While many nurses prefer to wear white, there are nurses who prefer other colors, such as gray and green. Many people think that nurses have to wear a white uniform, however, it is not true. Many nurses are allowed to choose the color of their uniforms based on the hospital or other health care facility where they work.