Face shield sneeze guard now in stock. We can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth. Our current face shield are ideal for: Dentist Dental Hairdressers Cosmetic use Nail bars beauticians nurse aged care full face visor Manicure and pedicure Retail shops use Features include- anti-fog, anti-splash, transparent lightweight and comfortable to wear. Foam pad, anti fog film, transparent plastic wholesale enquiries welcome for medical surgical face shields brow guard visors masks. N95 masks are in stock now as well. Please note that this is not a certified medical device under the TGA and it does not have atrg certification and neither is it Australian made. We as a company do not accept any liability focusing this product other than to possible reduce saliva splashing on the face due to a sneeze. We do not claim that this product aids reduce the transmission of corona virus or covid-19. These protective shields are also not made by a 3d printer but are mass manufactured.