How Custom DTF printing ordering Work?

  • 1. Upload Design in Vector File

    Find the right size of the DTF print in the shop

  • 2. We Print the DTF Transfers

    We will prepare the artwork and digitally print it onto a DTF film and coat it with the glue on the backing, NO weeding required

  • 3. We Ship the Order

    Place your order, pay and we will do the rest! We ship DTF Prints Australia Wide, order from A4, A3 or by the meter. Bulk wholesale gang sheets are permitted. 

DTF Printer Australia

In need of getting just one custom digitally printed DTF (Direct to Film) T-shirt printed? We now offer a full colour single garment digital printing option. All we need is a high resolution print file and your can upload it to the online designer and we shall print it and dispatch it as soon as it is ready.  Printing method will be determined by design and quantities.

Bulk DTF Printing Supplies Australia

  • InkStar Ready Printed DTF Transfers

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    Sale price From $11.00 Regular price
    Sale Sold out
  • InkStar DTF Premium Ready Cut A4/A3 PET Films

    Regular price From $52.95
    Sale price From $52.95 Regular price
    Sale Sold out
  • InkStar DTF Coating Powder

    Regular price $52.95
    Sale price $52.95 Regular price
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  • Screen Printing Disposable Platen Tape 90m

    Regular price $94.95
    Sale price $94.95 Regular price
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How to press a Direct to Film Print (DTF Transfers) onto a garment. 

Pre-press garment for 5 second at medium pressure on a good quality heat press

Position the DTF transfer films onto the garment and add a Teflon paper onto the design

Press at 150 degrees Celsius for 10 second

Allow for the garment to cool completely as the DTF transfers are cold peel only

Peel the Direct to Film Digital transfer (DTF transfer)

Place on the heat press and place baking paper on the top and repress for 5 second 

There are four different methods used for printing t-shirts for wholesale orders: screen-printing, direct to garment (DTG Printing) print, Vinyl HTV transfer, and Direct to film printing (DTF Printing) Each of these different kind of digital T-shirt printing methods has its own distinct advantages, so when it comes time to picking the perfect one, there are several factors to take into consideration. The most important factor to think about is that the digitally printed T-shirts should look good, because customers want to be able to wear them. If the designs and colors are not vibrant, then the likelihood of the customer exchanging the T-shirts for another, or simply not wearing them, is very high. Therefore, when designing your digital T-shirts, make sure that the colors are attractive, and that the designs look good and fit well together. With DTF printing and using our commercial DTF printer we can ensure the best possible print for your t-shirts.

After considering all of these factors, you should also take a look at the cost of the digitally printed T-shirts that you plan on creating. Some printing methods, such as screen printing and direct transfer printing, are more affordable than others for large runs. For small runs and small orders, DTF Printing is much more cheaper options. Also with screen printing there are limits to the design and the number of colours. The cost of screen printing goes up as the number of colours increase. With DTF Printing this is not an issue at all and setup costs for DTF prints is much lower. You should also take a look at how easy the digital garment printing (DTF Printing) process is, and the ease of using the software that is used to create the designs, we at Flash Uniforms use the best RIP software for all our DTF Prints. Our commercial DTF Printer has been configured to only use high resolution vector files to ensure the best quality prints in Australia.  


We now supply DTF supplies like PET transparent films in a 30m, or 60m width on a 100m roll. A4 size films, A3 films. InkStar DTF inks, head cleaning solutions, capping station solutions for Epson heads also available at competitive prices including DTF white coating Powders and bulk ready printed custom DTF transfers for your business shipped Australia wide. We delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane and most major cities. 

We currently have a commercial DTF printer based in Perth and ship Australia wide. Along with the DTF printer we also have plenty of supplies like DTF ink, PET transparency films both hot peel and cold peel, DTF PU powder and high-quality white under base inks.