Tips for Selecting the Right High-Visibility Wear for Your Workers

Tips for Selecting the Right High-Visibility Wear for Your Workers

What Is Hi-Vis Workwear Clothing?

Its clothing comes in many bright and reflective fluorescent hues for use during the day and night – different types of high-visibility clothing are specific for work environments and worksite situations.

Workers from different industries use reflective hi vis waterproof workwear, such as vests and uniforms, in low-light and nighttime working atmosphere. For example, road construction or railroad workers working on a project during the night need to wear this reflective clothing to ensure their safety. Further, their vests reflect light when shined upon them, making them simple to spot.

Fluorescent high vis workwear is top suited for brightly-lit or daytime work environments. The bright hues make it easier for people to spot employees wearing fluorescent uniforms and vests, enabling them to stand out from the everyday crowd. Anyway, these uniforms are not perfect for low-light work or nighttime.

Some types of hi-vis safety outfits come in both these materials, so you can simply use them in both working atmospheres. Anyway, not all reflective vests and uniforms are fluorescent, and not all fluorescent vests and uniforms are reflective. Be mindful of this when picking high visibility uniforms and vests for a work atmosphere. Pick the one that works best for the specific atmosphere.

How to Pick the Right High-Visibility Wear for Your Workers?

Threat Level

Keep in mind the threat level of the job your employee is completing. If the employee is working with heavy annealed glass, you need high-level custom hi vis work shirts Australia.  A half-inch annealed glass poses a serious risk to employees, so they are needed to wear high-level cut protection. There is less danger of fatal accidents when workers work with quarter-inch tempered glass. Level 4 or 5 workwear is best for your workers. Assessing the threat level helps you pick the best gear. So, the higher the threat level, the higher the protective level.

Follow Your Industry Standards

The industry you are serving affects the workwear you pick. Not tool does it all, so pick protection wear for workers carefully. For example, some clothing comes with wire in the yarn, which may be serious for employees working around electricity or close to electrical risk. Also, the clothing should have HPPE when workers are working near fire risks. Extra padding on the arm and sides saves from physical blows likely to occur on the work. Industries with unique requirements are likely to have hi vis workwear that meets them.

Save From Injuries

Injuries from vehicles, such as forklifts and trucks, are common in factories and warehouses, and they should be a factor when picking the protective workwear for your workboxes. Workers should wear clothing with a high standard class 3 Hi vis workwear when working around vehicles and in-low atmosphere. For example, people working in American airports should wear a high vis reflective tape over 300 square inches. The material reflects light from headlights, so the wearer is visible to reject injuries and save lives.


The climate your workers are working in is another vital factor to keep in mind. Wear that is too heavy for a warm atmosphere increases the chances of accidents and fatigue happening. Workwear too light for icy climates may make workers uncomfortable. You get lots of options in a climate-controlled atmosphere. Pullovers are the go-to workwear in climate controlled facilities since they do not have loose ends or dangling zippers.

Before you jump to buy hi vis clothing, you should first know what to look for in these safety items. Ensure you pick a best standard option, which has the following features:


You will likely wear your custom hi vis work shirts Australia every day at work, which is why it makes best sense to look for a durable item. Preferably, it should be double stitched and can last you at least 6 months.


While you should never use bad detergents or bleach on the material, especially the reflective stripes of the garment, it should be washable in the washer.


As with anything you wear, your hi-vis clothing should be relaxed. Some items can come in single size only, but there should be straps for adjusting the garment.


Pockets are the best addition to the clothing. Most workers find having pockets handy when they need to save away items quickly.

From A Reputable Source

Buy from a famous shop with the best reputation. Read what customers are saying, mainly about the standard of the products and return service if ever you need to return an item for any reason.


High vis clothes have reflroreflective panels, which should not just be sufficient at night but during the daytime also. These strips or panels should also have 360 degree visibility. For example, if you have a reflective vest and you lay it on a flat area, you should still view about forty percent of the reflective panels on either side.