About Us

We supply custom uniforms in Perth to the catering and hospitality industry ranging from bars and restaurants, events management companies, wedding catering, wineries, cafes, restaurants, barista, tourism, juice bars, coffee shops, ice cream and gelato retail shops, chocolate and cheese factories, butchers and bakers in Perth and beyond.

Our main clothing items for the hospitality sector include: aprons with or without pockets, headwear for chefs, waist aprons, bib aprons, trousers, shirt and jackets for cooks. Our main suppliers in Perth are Biz collection, Jb’s Wear, DNC Workwear and Chef Works.

We have a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from so you can find the perfect uniform for your business. We have a team of experienced tailors who will create a custom uniform for you that is perfect for your needs.

Our uniforms are made from the highest quality materials so they will last longer and look great. We offer a fast and easy return policy if you aren't happy with your purchase.

We also Provide Pockets-less aprons and headgear for chefs to help keep your hands clean. And Apron bibs protect your clothes from food and grease. Cooking shirts for cooking professionals have pockets to store utensils and ingredients. Jackets help keep you warm while you cook.

Containers our hospitality items may contain include purses, pockets-less aprons, headgear for chefs, aprons, headpiece bibs, trousers, cooking shirts for cooking professionals, and jackets selected on Earthenware. Our own suppliers in Perth are Biz Collection, Jb's Wear, DNC Workwear, and Chef Works.

What is a hospitality uniform?

A hospitality uniform can often be seen at wedding catering and wineries, cafes and restaurants, and barista and juice bars. These uniforms are usually made up of different colours and styles to help the employees look alike and stand out from one another. They also serve as a way to make guests feel comfortable when visiting the establishment. The uniforms can be custom-made for specific businesses, or they may be purchased in bulk from a company that manufactures them.

Many restaurant operators do not directly prepare meals, but the layout of an on-site workplace is an essential part of a dining experience. A friendly, tidy attire displays the quality of services offered.

What do you wear for hospitality?

A functional button-down shirt and jeans, pants, a dress, or a replica of a bustier for women can be made by most men. Jeans, trousers, a mid-length dress or a skirt, and a smart blouse are options for ladies - and they should also pack a winter coat during the winter.

What Makes a Good Hospitality Uniform?

A good hospitality uniform should have features that make it comfortable to wear, as well as easy to clean. They should also be stylish and flattering so that customers feel confident when wearing them. Some of the features that are important for a hospitality uniform include a tight-fitting fit so that clothing does not ride up during service, comfortable fabric that is wrinkle-resistant, and strong construction that can hold up to repeated washing. These features help keep the customer feeling comfortable and looking their best, which is important for making them feel welcomed and appreciated.

There are a few factors that go into making a good hospitality uniform. First and foremost, the clothing should be comfortable and versatile. It should also be able to withstand regular wear and tear, while still looking professional. Additionally, the uniforms should fit snugly so that guests feel like they are part of a cohesive team. Finally, the uniforms should be stylish enough to make a guest feel welcomed but not too flashy that it takes away from the overall aesthetic of the establishment.

Why is uniform important in the hospitality industry?

Uniforms help to create a professional appearance, reduce the chances of mistakes, and provide consistency in service. They also help to foster teamwork and communication. In the hospitality industry, uniforms not only help to create a professional appearance but also keep employees organized and supervised. They also help to prevent customer confusion and frustration.

By holding your workers to the same values when wearing uniforms at work, your job crew will exhibit a stronger dedication to upholding your brand identity and sense of equality. Also, everyone on the crew should take pleasure in wearing the same uniforms. Wearing a uniform encourages camaraderie among all your workers.

Top 5 reasons why uniforms are important in the hospitality industry

  1. Look good, feel good

If you don't look good, you don't feel good. Typically, this is so. When your employees wear hospitality staff uniforms while working, it helps allow them to stay focused. It is a direct reminder they are at work. When all employees are in the right frame of mind and address your guests' needs, this is certainly evident.

  1. A feeling of equality

Uniforms act as reminders for all employees that everyone is on the same squad while at work. Regardless of each employee s uniqueness and previous background, all employees are viewed as part of the workgroup and receive equal respect. 

  1. A collaborative group

Building a corporate identity and exuding equality, having workers wear uniforms helps the other workers feel unnerved and confident. All team members ought to share the very same moral beliefs while they are on the job. Wearing a uniform helps the team members perceive themselves as a member of a single group.

  1. Exude confidence in your brand

What kind of environment do you work in? Is it fun, playful, casual or sophisticated? Uniforms are meant to accurately represent your brand and your brand concept. Khakis and a t-shirt depict a more casual, laid-back customer experience while black pants along with a button-up shirt or tie often depict a more upscale customer experience.

Employee uniforms provide a visual reminder for your staff on how to deliver service to your customers. It also allows your employees and management to see who is to whom you belong.

  1. Help clients identify personnel

If you're employed in the hospitality industry, you don't want to have a customer who is unsure about how to get in touch with your staff. By having a uniform for all employees, that rarely happens. That's one way to maximize your advantages, however, it may be one of the most overlooked benefits.