Tradie’s Workwear

If you're looking for a single or large quantity of workwear trousers, briefs, drill shirts, caps and caps, fire retardant footwear (FR Workwear), hi-viz polos, tradies hi-viz shirts, jackets, fleece or sweatshirts, we've got them all within our Perth showroom. Our statewide delivery service is also available if you've any doubts about whether or not you are eligible.

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We are supplying tradespeople with workwear to mining, construction, engineering, compliance, electricians, plumbers, gardeners and landscapers, pavers, road and traffic management, local government, tourism, national parks, hospitality and roofers, courier and haulage companies.

What is  Tradie's Workwear

Tradie's Workwear is the clothing worn for work, especially work that involves manual labor. Countless workers choose to wear a workwear jacket because it lasts for a length of time and provides protection against injury. The workwear clothing industry is booming, and customers are expected to choose from a thriving number of retailers.

Benefits of Tradies Workwear

  • Modern workwear is made from fabrics that are strong yet lightweight and comfortable. A tradesman's workwear will be resistant to damage from both accidents and wear and tear. If small rips do occur, they can usually be prevented from spreading due to the robustness of the fabric.
  • Some work attire is not PPE, but many work attire may help prevent injuries onsite. Work attire is ideal for trades because it minimizes the chance of injuries, accidents, and unplanned time off. For business entrepreneurs, safe work attire helps with productivity increases, reduces legal liabilities, and keeps their team on the job.
  • Workwear aims to wick moisture away from your body to keep you cool while you're actively working outside. It can also be designed to move with you allowing you to reach, lift, pull, and perform a number of other functions without restricting your movement or causing you discomfort.
  • You can usually purchase workwear economically, but it'll help you save more in the long run if it lasts a long time and becomes more comfortable on your body. Tradie clothes are lot designed to reduce blisters and muscle strain, saving you the costs of frequent changes and maintenance. The more means you can go without replacing your equipment, the more you can potentially save.
  • It's standard practice for the site supervisor to shut down devices at the onset of unfavourable weather. It's also important to note that workwear protects you from the elements, keeps you warm, cool, and safe from ultraviolet light, dust, wind, and rain, and keeps you visible in low light.

Safety caps

Safety caps (also known as safety design steel caps) are one of the most typical features incorporated into almost any work boot available. It keeps you from making contact with objects that can damage your toes and foot. Metals are usually used in safety caps to provide a more aggressive layer of protection, but you can also find synthetic or fabric caps providing similar security.

Midsole Barrier

By having the right soles on your boots, they will always be more comfortable, and specifically while in your work boots. The midsole is important in preventing anything sharp from reaching your feet if they are penetrating the bottom of the boots. Generally, the midsole is made of composite material to make the boot much more comfortable and safer.

High-Quality Soles

The soles in your boots mainly affect your comfort and protection but only if you have high-quality soles. A high-quality sole will have some flex in the toe-to-toe area for easy walking and will mimic your forefoot's bend, which makes walking more comfortable.

You should also check out whether the soles of your work boots are comfortable. Most work boots have a long-enough tread that will offer excellent traction even when used in wet, messy environments.

Electrical Protection

When going to your workplace, the soles on your work boots can help you avoid electrical shock hazards. So, if your career requires you to deal with dangerous electricity, it's vital for you to seek out work boots with electrical insulation.


One of the most important factors to consider when searching for work boots is waterproofing. If you work in wet or damp environments, waterproof boots are essential. They will keep your boot dry against water and corrosion from wet environments, as well as protect your boots.

Electrical Protection

If you're likely to be working with live power during your work day, then an insulated sole on your work boots can protect you against shocks. It's therefore important that you only purchase work boots with electrical protection, or else you put yourself at grave risk.

There are several different functions available, including heat resistance, chemical protection, ankle protection, cut resistance and a lot more. If you can, get the boots made for your job.

If you're looking to purchase new work boots that fit your specific work environment and needs, it's vital to partner with a reputable boot supplier like Hard Yakka Workwear. They have a vast assortment of boots for both men and women from top-name brands, such as Jb's Wear. Hard Yakka, King Gee, Steel Blue and Oliver boots 

Features that all Tradies should be sure to look for when selecting work boots

If you're a technician and spend the day on your feet, your work boots will protect you by keeping your feet safe from toxins, electrical dangers, cuts, and many other hazards found on your job site. You should pay close attention when purchasing work boots, to make sure they can offer you the right protection.

The first consideration when buying any sort of work boots is compatibility, they must be well-fitting and comfortable. Before considering any other safety features, you must first look into finding the appropriate size boot.

The specific size of your boots can vary depending on the manufacturer; if you are interested in purchasing work boots online, verify that you are purchasing from the same company that offers boots for your feet. Try on the boots prior to purchasing or if you are unsure which size you are going to want, contact the seller. Your work boots must fit well and be comfortable all day to avoid harm to your feet.

In addition to a good pair of boots, you must also think about a number of safety features that are worth buying. Your primary criterion should be obtaining an ideal safety.