5 Popular Workwear Brands in Australia

5 Popular Workwear Brands in Australia

It is no secret that construction jobs can be tough on your clothes. With all dust, dirt, and debris flying around, it is vital to have clothing that can help you protect in this hard environment.  Not to mention, you need clothing that is relaxed and fits well so you can move around easily. Check out top picks for the best workwear online brands in Australia!

Significance of Finding Durable and Hard Clothing

When it comes to finding workwear online for construction workers, it is vital to find clothing that is durable and hard. Construction work can be hard on clothes, so it is vital to find clothing that can hold up against the wear and tear. Not only do you need clothing that is durable and hard, but it also needs to be fit well and relax. So, what are some of the top brands of workwear for construction workers?

King Gee

One of the most famous workwear brands in Australia, KingGee has been providing standard clothing to construction workers for over a hundred years. Their items are durable and tough, yet stylish and relaxed. a big range of products to match every person, including shirts, pants, overalls and jackets. Their clothing is designed to be both relaxed and tough, so you can target your work, not your clothes. King Gee even has a line of women’s workwear, so every person can find the best fit.

DNC Workwear

DNC workwear has been offering workwear for the Australian labour force since 1996. The brand promises the durability of its products. That is why it uses the Australian crocodile as its icon – a symbol of sturdiness and strength in the wild. DNC workwear wants to be recognised for its resilience even when the wearer faces bad weather situations.

To get superior standards in workwear, DNC workwear makes sure that all products meet AS/NZS standards via a rigid standard control system. All DNC items also comply with the top INTELS requirements. It starts with the materials used before and during production. Innovative and new are utilised with supporting reach to ensure the materials and end products can withstand the challenges at every worksite.

Bisley Workwear

Bisley workwear has a very old history in the clothing industry. It was founded by Joe Gazal in 1958. The firm started as a part of Gazal and is still one of its successful endeavors.

Bisley workwear prides itself in offering amazing service, standard products and value for money. The brand has a big hand in shaping the Australian workwear clothing industry with over fifty years of experience serving clients from different fields in Australia.

Today, Bisley is a famous workwear brand. From insect protection, flame resistant, night safety, PPE, light weight, and regular weight garments, Bisley provides a big range of clothing choices for many requirements.

One of their latest innovations are garments with inbuilt anti-bacterial treatment, insect barriers, sun protection, moisture control, static control, and flame and water resistance.

Legend Life Clothing

Legend Life is one of Australia largest and most experienced promotional product suppliers and makers. With over thirty years of experience, Legend Life has been supplying and manufacturing a big range of corporate and promotional gifts. From custom designed products to stock items, Legend Life is your top bet. Legend Life is an established brand that their items are famous on people’s heads, back, legs and shoulders from a rich history of industries including government, mining, retails, corporate, safety wear, uniforms, events, sportswear and all types of workwear. They have been ranked as the best mens workwear brands in Australia for bisley workwear and syzmik workwear.

If you are worried about trust, you should know that Legend Life is a member of APPA and has established a big reputation. If you are new to the industry, you want to buy promotional products or want to learn the best way to protect your brand with reliable promotional products, Legend Life has a big experience.


BOCINI is one of the big producers and wholesalers of promotional clothing. BOCINI provides classic corporate garments but they are including new designs and styles befitting for the new generation which separates them amongst women workwear brands in Australia. Their high standard workwears are crafted to meet New Zealand and Australia standards while keeping up with the new designs and modern technology.

Their customer service is stunning and if you are looking for the best mens workwear online brands or shopping for women’s workwear in Australia with the best standard, BOCINI should definitely be on your mind.

Why These Australian Brands

All of these brands are famous among construction workers because they provide tough and durable clothing that is also stylish and relaxed. These brands are famous for their high standard construction workwear, and they have a big range of products that will match every person. Whether you need shirts, pants, jackets or overalls, these brands have you covered.