Rigger Gloves is a form of industrial work gloves, generally reinforced with an elastic leather palm as well as a reinforced leather back to help protect the hands from injuries while wearing heavy duty and hard-working gloves. Originally designed for oil drillers (hence their name riggers) they've become a very important piece of the construction worker's overall protective gear. They're extremely durable and are very flexible, lightweight, and strong. Most gloves that are considered RIGGERS are made from an organic material and are made of natural rubber, nylon or even other natural fibers. The most common RIGGER leather gloves will have a protective laminate on the inside of the palm to prevent slip and fall. These gloves may also be made with an interior lining to reduce sweating while working, and these special gloves are also sometimes referred to as "thermal" gloves.


These types of gloves do a very good job of providing hands protection while doing work and performing tasks that require manual dexterity in the hand. The materials used in the RIGGER glove are usually high quality leather, which is very durable and is also very soft to the touch and comfortable. This makes the RIGGER glove one of the most sought after hand protection around. Most manufacturers of RIGGER gloves use an all purpose latex glove, which is a synthetic type of latex that is not only very strong but also very resistant to chemicals, dust, water and abrasion.


Industrial gloves offer several benefits to workers. They provide complete hand protection when wearing heavy duty gloves and are extremely flexible and durable, which means that they can be worn for extended periods of time without a problem. Most RIGGER gloves will have an interiors lining that is removable, and these linings are also very durable and can even be used for additional protection. The gloves are also available in different sizes so that they can be worn with different types of gloves.