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As colour is a brand that focuses on manufacturing high-quality basics to the market. Clothing products available under the As colour brand are quite unique. The brand originated back in the year 2006 within New Zealand. Lawrence Railton is the founder of As colour. He wanted to come up with a new brand, which manufactures the best t-shirts to the market. However, he wanted to be different from other t-shirt manufacturers as well. That’s where Railton could discover the massive demand available for blank t-shirts. Based on that, As colour started offering blank t-shirts for people in need, and the brand became quite successful within a short period of time.

As of now, As colour brand has got more than 15 retail stores spread across New Zealand as well Australia. On top of that, you can see how people all around the world purchase blank t-shirts offered by As colour over their website. They have heavily invested in their products to ensure quality. Therefore, anyone who is looking forward to purchasing t-shirts may proceed with As colour without keeping a doubt in mind.

The history of As colour

As colour didn’t start manufacturing t-shirts from the very first day. Instead, Railton started the business by distributing one of the American t-shirts brands. However, it was not an easy start for him as well. Railton was selling American t-shirts to the New Zealand market, where he had to face numerous challenges with matching sizes. A lot of women who purchased those t-shirts from As colour complained about sizes. On the other hand, they were not too happy about the quality of t-shirts as well. This made Railton think twice whether he should continue with his business or not.

Instead of giving up the business, Railton came up with the idea of manufacturing t-shirts under his own brand. While looking for new ideas to manufacture t-shirts, he came up with the idea of offering blank t-shirts to the market. In fact, Railton could discover the demand available for blank t-shirts among both men and women and cater to that accordingly. That helped Railton to build a successful business.

As colour continued to operate on the retail market during initial years. Along with its massive success, Railton decided to expand the business to wholesale market as well. In the meantime, he was able to expand the business and open it up in many other physical locations all around the country. When the fifth retail store was opened in New Zealand, he came up with the idea of expanding the business to Australia. That’s where he went ahead and started a new retail store in Sydney. Along with that, another retail store was opened in Melbourne as well.

What makes As colour special?

As colour is maintaining its uniqueness among other t-shirt manufacturers out there. It is one of the most popular brands that offer single-color blank t-shirts to the market as of now. Among t-shirts offered under As colour brand, black colored t-shirts are quite popular. In fact, 44% of all sales generated by this brand are coming from black colored t-shirts. Another great thing is that 83% of sales that As colour gets are from grey, white, and black colored t-shirts. This clearly shows the popularity and demand available for plain colored t-shirts in the market as of now.

If you are searching for blank t-shirts that promote minimalism, you may go ahead with As colour without keeping a doubt or a second thought in mind. You will surely fall in love with what this brand is capable of offering.


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