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Hard Yakka is a popular clothing brand based in Australia. This is one of the oldest clothing brands to exist as well. In fact, it originated back in the year 1935 by D. K. Laidlaw & Sons Pvt Ltd. The name Yakka in the brand was something derived out of Aboriginal language for work. Since then, it is a word that you can find in Australian vocabulary.

What does Hard Yakka offer?

Hard Yakka is one of the leading suppliers of work wear that you can find in southern hemisphere. In fact, it offers a large number of products for people from the inception. The workwear range of Hard Yakka is expanded, and it includes 3056, Protect FR, Koolgear, Legends, and Foundations. Moreover, the company specializes in offering safety footwear as well.

The company was acquired by Pacific Brands back in the year 2017. After that, the ownership of the brand passed over to Wesfarmers in the year 2014. It could become the official clothing provider for Melbourne Commonwealth Games Tournament held in the year 2016. Carrying forward the success, it could also become the official clothing partner for Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in the year 2018.

Products offered by Hard Yakka

Hard Yakka offers a variety of clothing products. Among these clothing products, there is something for everyone. In other words, the lineup of clothing products available for sale under the Hard Yakka brand include jackets, pants, boots, shirts, and numerous other accessories. All these are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Shopping for those product is something that an interested person can do on the official Hard Yakka website.

Hard Yakka Australian made collection

One of the most prominent product lineups offered by Hard Yakka as of now is the Australian made collection. This is a limited edition collection, which consists of products cut, designed, and sewn within Melbourne. This is also the birthplace of Hard Yakka brand.

Hard Yakka works directly with numerous local manufacturers to offer products under this brand. Hence, people who purchase genuine products out of this limited edition collection will be able to support the local community as well. Brand always adheres to ethical production and sustainability guidelines along with these products. Hence, people who purchase products under the Hard Yakka collection can be really proud of what they are purchasing.

The Australian-made hoodies and t-shirts are manufactured fully based upon local supply chains. Each and every item is dyed, knitted, and sewn within Melbourne. This facility minimizes the environmental impact created on the planet. Moreover, it promotes cleaner manufacturing and responsible farming techniques as well.

What makes Hard Yakka products stand out

Hard Yakka is a brand that strives to ensure quality craftsmanship at all times. Hence, the brand easily stands out of competition. It also believes in the fact that all Australian made products should be filled with integrity. Hence, the brand creators focus that and develop all their products. That's the main reason on why you can find outstanding craftsmanship in most of the products offered by Hard Yakka brand as of now.

Purchasing clothing products and accessories offered by Hard Yakka

Clothing products and accessories offered by Hard Yakka are quite popular all across the country. The easiest method available for anyone to purchase these products would be to visit the online store. Then it is possible to get access to the complete list of products available. By going through products, anyone can end add items to the cart and proceed with making the purchase. Decision taken to buy Hard Yakka products is not something that you will regret about.

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    Hard Yakka Fleece Hoodie Y19326 The hoodie is a must-have item in the Winter wardrobe, and this Brushed Fleece Hoodie is designed for the worksite. Kangaroo...

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    Hard Yakka Cargo Drill Work Pant Y02570

    Hard Yakka Cargo Drill Work Pant Y02570 Slanted front pockets Darted back waist for comfort fit Twin back hip pockets Cargo pocket with box pleat and...

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