Collection: Winning Spirit Collection Brings Affordable Promotional & Team Wear

Winning Spirit is an Australian brand that focuses on offering promotional clothing for businesses in need. The brand specializes in the delivery of end to end apparel solutions for Australian based companies. It started offering the services back in 1993 and was able long-lasting relationships with some of the leading businesses in the country. These businesses belong to multiple sectors, including lifestyle, corporate, sports, industrial, hospitality, and healthcare.

Brands of Winning Spirit

Winning Spirit has got three successful brands. The first one is Winning Spirit, whereas other two are AIW and Benchmark. All these brands were able to reshape the clothing industry in Australia. In fact, all of them focus on developing excellent uniform solutions and promotional clothing to businesses. These clothing solutions can create trust and unity, while empowering teamwork. The clothing products offered under Winning Spirit brand are ideal for multiple uses as well. For example, it is possible to wear them casually and even for lifestyle and performance. On top of that, all these products are known for delivering durability and comfortability.

Any business can think about partnering up with Winning Spirit for the purchase of promotional clothing or uniforms. Along with that, it is possible to make sure that all employees feel comfortable and safe. All the garment pieces are backed up with the strict quality assurance measures that Winning Spirit follows. Hence, people don't have to worry about any risk at the time of purchasing them. Moreover, the brand offers digital screen printing as well as embroidery services as well. All these services eventually help businesses to create their own professional brand identities. Moreover, Winning Spirit focuses on offering customized uniforms for businesses as well.

Winning Spirit offers clothing products for every sector

Winning Spirit is one of the most diverse clothing brands that you can find as of now. That's because Winning Spirit offers clothing products for every sector. They include:

  • Healthcare

Winning Spirit understands the diversity in healthcare industry. While keeping that in mind, Winning Spirit is capable of catering to the needs of all businesses within the sector. Moreover, all the scrubs pants and scrub tops that Winning Spirit offer are backed up with functionality and innovation.

  • Hospitality

Clothing products that Winning Spirit offer to the hospitality industry focus on ensuring longevity, fashion, and functionality. Items that the brand deliver include pants, chef jackets, aprons, and many more. All these come with customizable designs. Hence, a business in the hospitality sector will be able to change the look and feel of them according to specific business needs.

  • Travel and tourism industry

Winning Spirit offers clothing products for travel and tourism industry as well. They include clothes for hotel agents, travel agents, tour guides, airline staff, airport staff, and many more. These uniforms are functional and fashionable. The internal team of designers at Winning Spirit use their expertise and experience to cater to the best interests of people at all times.

  • Retail

Retail industry is one of the fastest changing industries out there. As a result, it is also important for clothes worn by people who work for the retail industry to change. Winning Spirit focuses on that and caters to all their demands. The products offered by Winning Spirit help business to reach greater heights in a highly competitive environment. Moreover, it can help businesses to ensure professional outlook of their staff as well.

These are just few of the sectors served by Winning Spirit as of now. Any business may get in touch with Winning Spirit and collaborate to get quality products.


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