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In need of getting just one T-shirt printed? We now offer a full colour single garment digital printing option. All we need is a high resolution print file and your can upload it to the online designer and we shall print it and dispatch it as soon as it is ready.  Printing method will be determined by design and quantities.

There are four different kinds of T-shirts that are used for wholesale orders: screen-printed, direct to garment print, direct transfer print, and cut and sew. Each of these different kind of T-shirts has its own distinct advantages, so when it comes time to picking the perfect one, there are several factors to take into consideration. The most important factor to think about is that the T-shirts should look good, because customers want to be able to wear them. If the designs and colors are bad looking, then the likelihood of the customer exchanging the T-shirts for another, or simply not wearing them, is very high. Therefore, when designing your digital T-shirts, make sure that the colors are attractive, and that the designs look good and fit well together.

Another important factor is that you should pick a digital garment printing method that uses paper that can withstand ink bleeding. Ink bleeding occurs when the ink on the paper spills out onto the actual garment that the customer will be wearing. For instance, if you are creating screen-printed T-shirts, which will be distributed to several different stores, then the chances of ink bleeding are extremely high. In addition to paper that can tolerate ink bleeding, it is also recommended to use solid colors, because it is difficult to over print on a solid color T-shirt. This is especially true if the customer wants several different colors of T-shirts.

After considering all of these factors, you should also take a look at the cost of the T-shirts that you plan on creating. Some printing methods, such as screen printing and direct transfer printing, are more affordable than others. Most customers will go for cheaper options if the designs and colors are not going to be popular among online tattoo fans. You should also take a look at how easy the digital garment printing process is, and the ease of using the software that is used to create the designs. If you have some experience in screen printing and you are comfortable with the software that you are using, then you can probably perform your own screen printing. However, for those who are less familiar with digital garment printing methods, it would be better if you hired a talented screen printer to produce the t-shirts for you.