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Aussie Pacific is an Australian brand that focuses on offering workwear outfits for people. These workwear outfits come along with excellent designs. Moreover, they are made out of finest materials available as well. Continue to read and we will share more details with you on what Aussie Pacific is all about.

What is Aussie Pacific?

Aussie Pacific is a brand that offers industry leading workwear that satisfies all Australian requirements, casual wear, school and athletic club clothes, business outfits, and catering uniforms are all available. Our firm is well-known for its high-quality materials and innovative designs. The clothing goods of Aussie Pacific are designed in such a manner that they are appropriate for both genders in any setting. We feel that wearing comfortable attire gives employees more energy to perform effectively and completely. Aussie Pacific produces a variety of workwear apparels for both men and women that are known for their outstanding patterns and weaving.

Highest quality products offered by Aussie Pacific

Aussie Pacific goods are composed of 100% polyester material and are offered via our online store. Polyester is a fabric that is often used in garments. Trousers, polo shirts, coats, and other garments are often made from polyester thread materials. Polyester fabric is much more durable and comfortable than any other material. People working in business settings, schools, and universities, for example, should go for Aussie Pacific workwear. Workwear made of polyester stitching is simple to handle, lightweight, and user-friendly. Therefore, businesses can think about sticking to this brand for purchasing workwear and uniforms without keeping a second thought in mind. 

History of Aussie Pacific

Aussie Pacific is really a wholesale apparel label based in Melbourne, Sydney, and Shanghai. It was founded in 2009. Aussie Pacific had two directors from China and three directors from Australia. Along with that, it had four employees back in 2009. Aussie Pacific now operates from five warehouses throughout New Zealand and Australia, employing over 100 people thanks to the support of two interstate sales agents.

Along with time, Aussie Pacific was able to gain market awareness. In the meantime, the brand continued to offer numerous additional products to the market as well. All these products were backed up with some excellent research and development initiatives. As a result, there was no reason for people to worry about at the time of purchasing them. Practicality and quality of the materials eventually helped Aussie Pacific to become a successful brand.

What makes Aussie Pacific different from other brands?

Initially, Aussie Pacific specialized on high-performance clothing for sports, as well as team and corporate wear. Their mini-waffle "Driwear" fabric is still the greatest sports performing fabric on the marketplace currently. This one-of-a-kind fabric enables for simple screen printing & embroidery while providing unparalleled durability and breathability.

Fabric, according to Aussie Pacific, is equally as crucial as design. They are lucky that their Chinese partner works for one of the world's leading garment firms and has extensive ties in the Chinese market and also high-quality fabric and dye suppliers. "Microunit," the newest fabric in Aussie Pacific's Tasman Range of clothing, is the next step in performance materials. This innovative fabric technology was developed after extensive research.

Aussie Pacific now provides a broad choice of business clothes and will shortly debut a separate line. The brand focuses on manufacturing clothing products and workwear specifically for people who come from New Zealand and Australia. As a result, it will be possible for you to get a comfortable experience at the time of wearing these clothes.


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