Sadly, our planet is currently dealing with the coronavirus disease which has become a global pandemic that has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. And with the cases of COVID-19 increasing from time to time, everyone needs to protect themselves from this deadly and highly infectious virus. Based on the knowledge about the spread of the coronavirus, we need to protect our hands, mouths, eyes, and other parts. In view of this, you can rely on the top-notch Face Shield Anti-fog Transparent Protective Splash-proof Visor to protect yourself.

How does this product work?

The Face Shield Anti-fog Transparent Protective Splash-proof Visor comes with a unique design that protects you. The product features a transparent face shield that ensures that the mucus and other droplets of an infected person can never get to your face. As a result of this, this anti-splash face shield allows you to go out without exposing yourself to any infections.

What are the features of this face shield?

    • Thick, double anti-fog PET

This product boasts of having double anti-fog PET with a thickness of 0.18mm. This particular feature makes it easy for this medical face shield to keep all kinds of viruses away from getting to your face. Also, there is a thick sponge that has proven to make the product easy and comfortable to wear. In addition, it is lightweight; hence, it will not cause any heaviness on your head while using it.
As a result of these amazing features, when you are wearing this splash protection face shield, you don’t have to worry about experiencing any form of discomfort.

    • Hypoallergenic foam band

When wearing a regular dental dentist face shield to protect yourself against COVID-19, you may be worried about sweat. Luckily, the manufacturer of this product considered this issue when making it. Hence, this transparent face shield has a special hypoallergenic foam band that is good for the absorption of sweat. Since it is hypoallergenic, there is little or no risk of allergic reaction when you use the product.
Besides, the Face Shield Anti-fog Transparent Protective Splash-proof Visor is spacious. Therefore, you can still wear safety goggles or eyeglasses as you protect your face from coronavirus.

    • Vented foam design

The foam inside this product has a vented design. This design guarantees increased airflow as well as comfort during the time you are wearing this medical face shield.

    • Sonically welded band

Perhaps you are bothered about the reliability and durability of this splash protection face shield. This product comprises a sonically welded band. This means that the shield will not just fall off when you are wearing it. This is because the welding method provides the strength and reliability that the product needs to safeguard you anywhere you are.

Concerned about protecting yourself?

In a nutshell, if you are truly concerned about protecting yourself from the ravaging COVID-19, you need to get yourself the Face Shield Anti-fog Transparent Protective Splash-proof Visor. It offers the protection you desire without causing any discomfort.