Spa Tunics Perth

Spa Tunics Perth

Spa and beauty salon uniforms are the garments worn by Spa service staff in a health care facility. The purpose of a Spa tunic is to protect the body from harsh chemicals usually used during a spa treatment. In fact most self employed, health spa service personnel wear a Spa tunic while at work.


This type of uniform is designed for comfort and coverage. They are typically loose fitting and offer a snug fit over the top of the clothing. This uniform also has shoulder straps to securely hold the tunic in place under any situation. Most uniforms offer a front or back pocket. There are usually Velcro closures on the pockets to keep the items inside the pockets safe and secure.


A Spa tunic is made from materials such as cotton, polyester, and spandex to give the best protection possible. Spa uniforms help to cover and safeguard a customer's body from harmful chemicals that can be found at most spas. These chemicals are used in many different procedures to soothe and soften the skin. Customers should make sure their clothes covers the entire body, so they do not risk exposure to unseen poisons that might be present on a procedure.


Spa treatments often use organic products that may be harsh on the skin. It is important to wear a Swim suit that will allow the body to breathe comfortably. A swim suit that does not cover the entire body can interfere with the relaxation of a client. A Spa tunic allows air to circulate under the clothing to keep the skin healthy and fresh after a relaxing bath or treatment.


Some health uniforms also come with extra layers to add even more cover and protection. Customers should purchase a top and a bottom layer so they can wear the top to cover exposed areas of skin or hair during a treatment. The bottom layer can be used as a detangling brush during a massage that leaves the hair free and smooth.


A spa tunic also comes in a variety of colors. Customers can choose from a rainbow of colors, so they can match their spa uniform to the color of the towels and bath towels they wash and the water they bathe in. Choosing the right colors for health uniforms will allow customers to relax even more and enjoy their time at a spa. This will provide them with even more energy to enjoy their day! Buy Now